Internationell kommunikation

At VHD IT, we also help clients take an intentional and impactful approach to both their informal and formal communications, because when the little and big communications work together, both the people and the organization thrive.

We help corporate executives, managers, and employees cut through the clutter to deliver thoughtful, timely, and meaningful communications in today’s matrixed world.

Rallying employees around complex strategies through thoughtful, simple messages that resonate across global audiences

Creating and implementing employee communication strategies aligned to well-defined business objectives and tracked through meaningful metrics

Encouraging and equipping senior leaders to drive trust, high performance, and engagement through words and actions

Boosting manager communications capabilities and effectiveness with tools, trainings, and resources

Creating innovative strategies around change communications that drive sustainable changes in employee mindsets and behaviors

Developing a holistic M&A communications approach and plan that helps ensure a successful transition

Strengthening team effectiveness and collaboration by connecting the dots that lead to effective cross-functional relationships

Manager communications

Managers are the fundamental channel for employee communication, engagement, and behavioral change.

By communicating effectively, managers bring a compelling business vision to life and make it relevant to their teams. They establish a culture of deep trust and high expectations, which drives business results and impactful change.


We partner with organizations to help managers do more than just improve communications skills. We help develop the mindset that communication is crucial to employee and company success, which in turn is key to their success as a manager.


  • manager communication

Create customized manager communications trainings

  • manager communication

Equip managers with tools and resources to strengthen people and teams

  • manager communication
  • Increase manager confidence and effectiveness in feedback conversations
  • manager communication

Turn everyday connection points into relationship-building opportunities


Our customized, hands-on trainings are tailored to your match your business goals and company culture, and offer managers simple models and structured tools that have instant application in the workplace. We help managers:

  • Understand and accept their communication responsibility as a leader
  • Demonstrate a connection between organizational strategy and what employees do every day
  • Prioritize, localize, and deliver key messages about business, job expectations, and performance
  • Learn how to prepare for delivery of complex or difficult messages and question and answer sessions
  • Ensure active, ongoing dialogue with employees
  • Establish trust and encourage employees’ ideas and contributions
  • Identify employees’ contributions real-time and recognize them without big budgets or awards programs
  • Demonstrate accountability in ways that build credibility and inspire others
  • Engage remote and/or global teams

Change Communication

One of the few certainties in today’s constantly shifting business landscape is change.

Change poses many challenges when not properly managed, but an effective change communications strategy mitigates these risks. By putting people at the center of the process, developing a fluid dialogue with stakeholders, and creating flexible, adaptable communications — you can successfully navigate any change. 

We think about change communications from both the Big C (formal, intentional, strategic communications) and little c (informal, day-to-day communications) perspectives.

  • Helping the organization clearly articulate the desired change
  • Conducting comprehensive diagnostics; gathering data through interviews and focus groups across all levels of the organization to understand the real and perceived impacts of the change
  • Inviting key stakeholders into the process and creating opportunities for an ongoing, two-way dialogue about how they can participate in, support, or drive the change
  • Reinforcing the change in a variety of modalities
  • Designing tools, training, and messaging to enable managers to lead and live the change
  • Identifying change “champions” – people who really “get” the reason for the change and can model it
  • Maintaining empathy throughout the process to ensure communications are impactful and effective

Team management